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Spreading Sunshine


                               it’s needed most.


With the singular directive of spreading hope and joy, Mekimi provides the allowing free and confidential services to hospitalized and homebound children, teens and young adults and their families:

Creative Entertainment Packages
The Mekimi office is stocked with a complete arsenal of entertainment inventory including: massive helium balloons and a supply of glittery ribbons; costumes; magic equipment; arts n' crafts kits; the most innovative and appealing toys and games, even a zoo of jumbo stuffed animals. All are perfect for bedside use and provide hours of entertainment to the patient to fill lonely hours.

Food Cravings Program
Nutrition is a vital concern to many of our patients when weak appetites and constant vomiting deplete the energy necessary for recovery. Pending medical approval, we provide a refreshing reprieve from bland hospital fare by offering our patients opportunities to receive special meals from the restaurant of their choice, to satisfy the most particular tastes and cravings. "I couldn't stomach the sight of anything I was offered. Then Mekimi delivered a meal from my favorite restaurant. I kept it down and felt rejuvenated," wrote Steve R. a lymphoma patient.

Goodies Baskets
Our volunteers hand out beautifully decorated and beribboned instant kid-pleasers to patients and/or their siblings.

Concert Tickets for Patient & Family Members
When serious illness strikes, not only the patient suffers. Sometimes it's hard for the family to believe they will ever be normal again. We offer the whole family tickets plus roundtrip transportation to concerts, circuses and other popular events. "It's the only family time we have spent together in a long time. It made us feel like a normal family again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Sibling Entertainment
When parents are preoccupied with caring for their seriously ill child, the other siblings need to be entertained to keep them occupied during these difficult times. Mekimi entertains them, both at home, and by taking them on customized outings. Furthermore, siblings are always invited to any of the special Mekimi events for patients.

Birthday Parties

There's no time like the patient's birthday to celebrate life. Mekimi makes a customized, grand production of it, uniquely suited to the patient's needs and interests.

Gifts & Present Packages

Mekimi takes great pleasure in proffering customized gifts for special occasions to patients and families. These novelties include gameboys, playstations, ipods and more.

Seasonal Affairs

July 4th fireworks, outings, barbeques, boat cruises, carnivals and more. Mekimi constantly brainstorms on how to tactfully design customized events with these unifying factors: Safe fun, great company and merriment that is simply contagious!!!

Annual Family Weekend Retreat

Our annual medically supervised get-away in an exclusive Catskill Mountain resort combines the best of Mekimi's resources to provide emotional and spiritual healing to patients and their families. Hosting over a hundred families, Mekimi treats the participants to gourmet meals, superstar entertainment and a myriad of programs and activities for every member of the family. There is no telling who is a patient and who is a volunteer, for this is the place that has everyone riding high on a cloud of jubilation, exuberance, laughter and love.

Mekimi welcomes its guests to a comfortable facility nestled in a spectacular natural setting. Our family retreats hope to provide emotional and spiritual healing. When a member of a family is diagnosed with a long term medical condition, more than just the patient is affected. We try to help ease the weekend at a time.

This year we hosted 110 families at our “Shabbaton.” Participants are treated to delicious, gourmet meals, super star entertainment and the chance to just sit back and relax. Certified medical personnel are on call. We provide hospital beds for those guests who require them.

These weekend retreats offer a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where everyone can freely express, release and reconcile painful emotions and to perhaps begin the process of spiritual healing. It is an opportunity to be nurtured in body, mind, and spirit, in a peaceful environment. These retreats are therapy for the soul.

Sunday Afternoon BBQ Picnics
The grill is sizzling and the spirits are soaring. We have hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings. You can play games suitable for the entire family. Or, you can just hang out and take it easy. We rent a pavilion to make sure we have some cool shade. If there are special dietary needs, we take care of that, too. Mekimi BBQ's are a fun-filled activity — a great way to enjoy the company of family and friends and perhaps to meet new friends.

Simcha Live
To date, this has been our most technically complex and challenging project and at the same time one of the most fulfilling. Mekimi has established live hook-ups to allow bed-ridden and invalid patients to attend family milestones and celebrations, even though they are physically restricted to a bed. We anticipate the pleasure of returning an RSVP for at least 150 festive events.

Summer Camp Program
Hidden away in the tree canopied shelter of a woodland fantasy... far from the noise of the maddening crowds.we envision a summer haven for our patients and their families... we dream of creating a home away from home. Our ideal site will provide room and board as well as facilities for indoor and outdoor activities, sports arenas, athletic fields, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a library, a theater, a social hall, and, of course, an infirmary. An experienced staff of recreational counselors will provide endless hours of structured programming and there will also be lots and lots of free time to just enjoy the pleasures of living.

Craving Program
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... well, we have done our research and analysis indicates this adage holds truer for those limited to standard hospital fare and constrained by medication. Poor appetites can be a side effect of a prolonged hospital stays. On some days a patient may feel too sluggish or too depressed to eat. Or, side effects such as nausea or mouth and throat problems may make it difficult or painful to eat. Well, when the moment passes and your sweet tooth and taste buds join forces and demand satisfaction, we plan to be there. Our proposed Craving Program, will cater to the discerning palates of our patients. We’ll provide complimentary meals — from their favorite restaurants — as long as it is medically permitted and advisable.