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Spreading Sunshine


                               it’s needed most.

We can’t quantify the joy, love, laughter and hope we generate, but in terms of numbers, here’s a glimpse into what it takes to keep Mekimi rolling:

1300 state of the art 10 inch DVD players @ $210.00 each $273,000.00
An additional 1100 are needed within the next year @$210.00 each, totaling an additional $231,000.00
110,000 DVDs averaging $10.00 each $1.1 million
Concert tickets for patient & family avg. 5 per family, 5 times a year @$7,000.00 per concert $35,000.00
Entertainment equipment (including toys, games, crafts, magic equipment and costumes) $75,000.00
Office equipment $35,000.00
Office rent and utilities
Birthday parties for patients at $1200.00 per party  
Gifts (gameboys, playstations, ipods and more) and present packages 3-4 times per year $55,000.00
Nosh baskets and food cravings program
Balloons and equipment
Transportation for volunteers $20,000.00
Parties and other Mekimi events @$12,000.00 per party, 8 to 10 times per year $100,000.00
Annual family weekend retreat serving 110 families $160,000.00
Mekimi education programs including private tutors and educational DVDs $150,000.00
Park House Mobile Home and Maintenance $225,000.00
Celebrations Live $45,000.00

Currently, our budget exceeds 2 million dollars. We have much to be proud of but there is so much more that needs to be done!!! We welcome the opportunity to share with you some of Mekimi's goals for the immediate future.
Call us today at 866.MEKIMI.1 (866.635.4641) to see how you can become a part of our mission.