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Spreading Sunshine


                               it’s needed most.

  Donate & Sponsor

Goods And Services

Think of how your gifts of goods and services can bring sunshine to the dark world of Mekimi patients and their families! In-kind donations (contributions of items and/or services in lieu of cash) also help us keep our office, programs and events running smoothly. Mekimi is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit group, so anything that you donate is tax-deductible.  Donors receive a tax receipt for the value of their gift and recognition in our annual report.

Examples of in-kind donations Mekimi will consider include:

  • Donated goods, such as digital entertainment, concert/ amusement park tickets, new toys, games, children’s craft supplies, office supplies and equipment, food and beverages, meeting and event facilities

  • Services from companies, such as printing, shipping, banners, graphic and video design

  • Services from professionals, such as event planners, consultants and designers

When thinking about donating goods or services to Mekimi, please contact us so that we can determine if we have a need for the product or service, and/or the means to accept your donation.