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Spreading Sunshine


                               it’s needed most.


1. “Dear Mekimi: No money in the world can repay you for the priceless gifts of time, entertainment, love and gift packages you shared with us during our daughter Sarah’s illness.  You were brilliant sunshine in the long, dark night of this ordeal.” ---Mr. and Mrs. Brown and family

2.  “Dear Mekimi, It’s hard to imagine how difficult Josh’s treatment period would have been without your constant presence. The music, dancing and private shows… How he waited for your visits! They made him so happy--—180 degree mood swings! You gave him all that he needed—thrills, entertainment, arts and crafts, a gourmet barbeque, even a trip to Great Adventures. We can never forget these kindnesses and have no words to thank you for making the unbearable, bearable” –Mr. and Mrs. Mayerson    

3. “My daughter was lying, listless and unresponsive, in her hospital bed, with a raging fever of 105 degrees. Someone handed me your number, and I called you, asking if there was something you could do for Rachel.  Your Cheer-Up squad soon arrived, armed with crayons, glue, and big, caring smiles. A short time later, I peeked into the room. Was that my Rachel, sitting up, smiling, and busily pasting together the arts n’ crafts project? I checked her fever right after you left…it was still 105!! Mekimi is magic!” –J.B.