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  Mekimi & Education

Feeling lost as their peers forge ahead in their studies, some patients are afraid to attend school. Many feel hopeless in the face of making up years of missed classes. Mekimi provides two educational support services to ease their burden.

The Mekimi Tutorial Program
Professional tutors provide individualized home or hospital tutorial sessions for every age level. Semesters of missed class work are taught, bringing each child up to grade level. Additionally, these highly trained and compassionate tutors mentor our patients, fostering a healthy self image. “Deborah was horribly embarrassed that she had not learned to divide while her friends were busy with algebra. Many hours of tutoring later she was ready to tackle algebra”—CH

The Mekimi Digital Educational Program
We offer an extensive variety of educational DVD's that make learning exciting and intriguing. Our large selection, including the Discovery Channel and History Channel series, covers an exhaustive variety of topics.